Street Art

According the Wikipedia, June McCarroll (June 30, 1867 – March 30, 1954) is credited by the California Department of Transportation with idea of delineating highways with a painted line to separate lanes of highway traffic. She was a nurse (later a physician) with the Southern Pacific Railroad in the early 20th century. According to a historic marker in Indio, California, after a near-collision in her Model T in 1917, "She personally painted the first known stripe in California on Indio Boulevard, then part of U.S. Route 99, during 1917."

My interest in road art sprung from a trip to  a Nashville shopping center. They had painted the FIRE LANE signs on the fresh dark black asphalt in front of the shops in bright yellow bordered with bright red. The visual was so striking that I snapped a photo of it with my iPhone. Later I put the image up on my computer screen and marveled at the artistry of it. The subject was mundane. Something we see so often that we rarely stop to pay it any attention. 

But the person who composed this road painting dares the viewer  to ignore the sign. By simply rethinking the color scheme they had done their job. They had forced me to stop and take notice of the fact that I was standing in a fire lane. 

This is where this collection was born. I started taking photos or road art and heavily manipulating the colors to see how their meaning might be interpreted.